Wattie Ink.

The result of hours and hours of business idea after idea brainstormed in a coffee shop in Redondo Beach, CA one chilly day in December of 2009, Wattie Ink. has evolved into a premier sports marketing agency primarily focused in the Endurance Sports space…

Wattie Ink. now represents some of the best triathletes and cyclists in the world, as well as works with individual clients and companies to develop and then employ marketing methods that are, plainly said, going to get the company the most bang for its buck, whether that means marketing via athletes, expos or other events, traditional advertising in print or online, or some combination of all.

With 25 years of combined experience in the Endurance Sports space, Wattie Ink. prides itself on its huge network of close-knit contacts, as well as being versed in the most up-to-date marketing approaches. We not only negotiate and manage our athletes’ and clients’ contracts, but we market them daily through the most modern social media outlets, creating hype and exposure on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more, in order to draw attention to the brand, popularize it, and ultimately, generate sales.

Oh, and one last thing, we bring an edgy side to the work we do. So, if you are looking for help marketing your company or product, or are an athlete needing some marketing help, please contact us — but not if you’re afraid to rock it!

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