Wattie Ink. Athlete Dotsie Bausch Wins Silver in London

(London – Olympic Games) – It’s Official, Dotsie Bausch and her USA Teammates, Sarah Hammer, Jennie Reed and Lauren Tamayo, have won a Silver Medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games in the Team Pursuit competition.

It has been an incredible journey for this group of talented athletes, ”We wanted it more, these last two days,” Bausch said, holding her silver medal. “We fought every pedal stroke, every lap, every second. I really believe we wanted it more. It’s pretty wild to think of the deep richness of the track programs in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, and it’s just been us four and Ben [Sharp, the USA Cycling endurance coach], and we got the silver.”

For the full story please visit Cycling News at: http://www.cyclingnews.com/2012-olympic-games/track-day-three/results

Rock the W!

For more information on Dotsie Bausch, please contact Wattie Ink. or visit her website at:  www.dotsiebauschusa.com 

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